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Party Shirt International

Windows 69: Stretch Tech

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Picture this:

You're in the computer lab in elementary school, the librarian is trying to tell you the importance of the dewy decimal system but you can't listen because you just smashed two apple juices and a chocolate milk and have been horking lines of pixie sticks and crushed butter fingers on the slides with your crush. You boot up the Macintosh Power G3 9500 and it rings its phantom gong at you. You know Carmen Sandiego is waiting inside..

So yeah, thanks a lot Billiam Gates and Stephen Jobber. Great work with the computer. Unfortunately, you forgot the most important part of every computer is a good shirt and some strong buttons.

A shirt from the past. A shirt from the future. 1969. 2069. What is old is new. Future nostalgia for a picnic at the disco. A disco at the picnic. Dreams of space and time, an astro safari. 


Unisex?! Yes, today and tomorrow.