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Tequila Town: Stretch Tech

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Picture this. We walk into a bar. It's near dawn. The sky blooms like a prickly pear. The sea is calm for once, no waves, no tide, no salt.

Cougar looks the bartender in the eye and says "we need two dozen tequila sodas." 

He says "sir, do you mean two?" 

Cougar responds: "Yes, plus twenty two more."

What happens next shocks the shirt world. The sodas are an offering. The old Gods begin to weave the great threads. Mezcal, lime, unnamed botanicals, a twist of sunrise. 

The stirring and sewing begins.

From the bottom of the glass, we pull the shirt by the shoulders. It is time for the Tequila Town. This is only the beginning.  And we love tequila. 


Unisex Button topper?! Yeah....sure...I've lost control of my life too...

Want to clean this shirt?! Sure, or just drench it in silver and freeze. Put it on tomorrow and enjoy, all over again!

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