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Party Shirt International

Electric Feel Sun Hoodie

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In the wise words of the Wu Tang Clan - protect your neck. Get this sunhoody! It will keep you nice and cool when you need to be cool. Toasty warm when you need a litter heater. It dries quick and loves a romp around in the high seas. 

Get one and go forth. Become one with the ocean. 

Good for spring, summer, winter, warm winter, spring, fall, and spring. Shirt Season! 

Sunhoody! Complete with an elastic hood frame, thumb loops, and a loose, flowy fit for all your favorite outings.

Poly spandex! Stretchyyyyy!

These sun hoodies are built for activities. They run a little larger than your average sizing. If you like a little room for active use, get your size! If you want a more classic snug fit, size down.