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Pool Boy: Women's Stretch Tech

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Everyone needs a Pool Boy. Even if your friends keep saying your pool is "just a bathtub..." Doesn't mean you can't have all the amenities you deserve. Cabana tiki hut, umbrellas, lounge chairs.. this is your world, don't let them tell you that an overflowing truck bed doesn't count as a mobile infinity pool.

*Disclaimer: This Pool Boy does not come with a sexy mullet, ripped and tan abs, an under the table summer job, or any ability to do manual labor..


All of our shirts are unisex sizing. But these ones are a women's specific cut.

Our multi-functional Stretch-Tech Party Shirts bring style to your outdoor and indoor lives alike. Stretch-Tech Party Shirts are lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch and wrinkle resistant. It's Shirt Season!

Want to wash this shirt? Common.. your infinity pool is chlorinated. Just take a few hot laps through that giant fish tank and lay out on the diving plank. Clean.

SIZES and Cares!