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Party Shirt International

Nightvision: Oxford Cotton

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Well well well.. The after-hours twin to the Tequila Sunrise. 

An embodiment of the heroic fusion of life and the inanimate.

Step one: Milk spiked plants.

Step two: Cook milks for long long times.

Step three: Enjoy cooked milks with soul of limes.

Step four: Appreciate your local flora and fauna.


Unisex Button topper?! Unisex Button topper?! Sure, just so long as you like cacti..

These multi-functional Cabana Party Shirts are here for all of your relaxing needs. Our 100% cotton Classic Oxford Party Shirts fit true to size, get softer with each wash and are an inspiration for taking it easy. It's Shirt Season!

Want to clean this shirt?! Wear it at night. No one can tell.. Or try using soap and water, you dirty dirty little cactus lover.

SIZES and Cares!