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Party Shirt International

Moonwalkers: Stretch Tech

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SAY WHAT? You can walk on the moon? Can you dance with the wolves? Rip disco splits on dance floor? Are you constantly being awarded standing ovations?

Perfect. This shirt is for you. Dance, dance revolution. Go forth and address your crowd. It is time to disavow gravity. *clapping noises and cheers*

All of your favorite friends can join together at the sun cult. Guaranteed good times! 


Unisex Button Upper? Oh yes, Big YES.

Our multi-functional Stretch-Tech Party Shirts bring style to your outdoor and indoor lives alike. Stretch-Tech Party Shirts are lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch and wrinkle resistant. It's Shirt Season!

Want to wash this shirt? Just try moonwalking to turn back time. Works pretty much every time we've tried.

SIZES and Cares!