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Party Shirt International

Lawyer: Oxford Cotton

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Dear Lawyer,

Things are not looking good. 

CIA, FBI, IRS, FDA, EPA, YMCA... they're all coming after us! And they're all dressed like plebe muggles.. 

Can we hit them with some of those admissible affidavits or something.. Arraign some of these fools.. hit em with the chapters you're always going on about.. I've got major compensatory and punitive damages after seeing some of the shirts these beefcakes are rollin in.. Let's depose some fools!

P.S. those folks at NASA look pretty good. No beef there, leave them out of the brief. 

You are my Lawyer. 

A leader in the use of color and the movement to make the world a little more bright - Antonyo Marest - helped us create these limited edition Cuban Collar Oxford shirts. 

While we love a good jape and general shenanigans, these shirts are no joke. Hailing from Madrid but leaving his mark all over the world, Antonyo is an amazing artist and someone we are so excited to have been able to work with to create these amazing shirts! Good luck Lawyers!

More about Antonyo Marest.


Unisex sizing? Oh yeah, these are for everyone.

These multi-functional Cabana Party Shirts are here for all of your relaxing needs. Our 100% cotton Classic Oxford Party Shirts fit true to size, get softer with each wash and are an inspiration for taking it easy. It's Shirt Season!

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