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High Fives Adapt and Destroy: Stretch Tech

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Our second collaboration shirt with the our friends at the High Fives Foundation.

This shirt will be giving back to High Fives. High Fives has long been a major player in getting folks back outside to do all the stuff they love to do. Founded in 2009, High Fives focuses on preventing life-changing injuries throughout outdoor and athletic communities and provides resources, support, hope, and fun should they happen.

They have helped countless injured athletes and Veterans get back to doing what they love. The Foundation aims to be the leader of education and recovery of life-altering injuries in outdoor action sports.

AND THAT IS SOMETHING WE LOVE! So! Show your support by getting one of these epic shirts. 40% of all proceeds will go back to the HIGH FIVES! Yes! 



Unisex Sizing?? Oh yeah, Slap Five!

Our multi-functional Stretch-Tech Party Shirts bring style to your outdoor and indoor lives alike. Stretch-Tech Party Shirts are lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch and wrinkle resistant. It's Shirt Season!

SIZES and Cares!