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Party Shirt International

Electric Feel: Oxford Cotton

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BBZZZZT. Was that a taser in the pool? Your electric shaver in the tub? You doing electrical work in the shower again?  Put this thing on, go rub your socks on the carpet and zap your dads. They'll love it.

We're in our jellyfish era. Not sure what it means but I love that 2007 hit song, shock me like an electric eel. 


Unisex sizing?? For sure. Jelly fiiishhh.

These multi-functional Cabana Party Shirts are here for all of your relaxing needs. Our 100% cotton Classic Oxford Party Shirts fit true to size, get softer with each wash and are an inspiration for taking it easy. It's Shirt Season!

Want to wash this shirt?! Try sitting in the break. Salt water cleans pretty much everything. 

SIZES and Cares!