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Party Shirt International

Coral Reefer: Cotton Cooler

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Choo choo! The smoking section just called - they want their party shirts back! 

The Dark Horse of our new Cotton Cooler line. The Coral Reefer!

This shirt is ready for anything - deep sea dives in the kitchen sink, sunning your chops on the trusty steam horse, barrel rolling through the holidays with a trash bag of martinis.. we don't know anything as athletically diverse as this button up cotton banger.

And remember, "Parties wicked fuck'n hard, this shirt does." - Yoda (yeah this is a real fucking quote. From Yoda. From the Star Wars documentaries.


Unisex?? "Unisex, this party cape is!" - Another quote from Yoda's autobiography

SIZES and Cares! Cotton Cooler Disclaimer! This shirt will shrink if you HOT DRY it!