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Dr. Alan Grant: Oxford Cotton

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Were you born 65million years too late? Have you always been a big lizard guy? Did your parents tell you Jurassic Park was real and then you saved all of your money until you were 35 so you could go visit the island only to find out that it was all just some kind of cinematic lie starring Jeff Goldblum and Little Dicky Attenborough and that all the dinosaurs in that fake docu-series were NOT EVEN REAL! All of which caused you to spiral completely out of control until you were introduced to therapy horses..


Well, we know how you feel. Here's a shirt featuring some of our most beloved prehistoric longos, lizzys and flappers. 


Unisex Button topper?! Yeah, definitely, these dinos would have eaten every one of you, no problem. 

Want to clean this shirt?! Try getting wet lapped by a 35ft tall labradoodlesaurus. 

These multi-functional Cabana Party Shirts are here for all of your relaxing needs. Our 100% cotton Classic Oxford Party Shirts fit true to size, get softer with each wash and are an inspiration for taking it easy. It's Shirt Season!

SIZES and Cares!