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Party Shirt International

1969: Women's Stretch Tech

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1969 Baby! What a year. Maybe not as famous as the summer of love but we've all seen videos. Loads of hair, beers with tiny little pull tabs, exciting hallucinogens, and gas mileage in the low teens. They partied real hard.

It's our turn now.

Button up this beauty and see what it feels like to have Hendrix on one shoulder and Janis howling on the other. You got some tickets to Woodstock? I doubt we will make it but we'll definitely end up partying out in a cornfield en route. Someone will call your name, you will fall in love. 


All of our shirts are unisex sizing. But these ones are a women's specific cut.

Our multi-functional Stretch-Tech Party Shirts bring style to your outdoor and indoor lives alike. Stretch-Tech Party Shirts are lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch and wrinkle resistant. It's Shirt Season!

Want to wash this shirt? Not a chance, roll around in the mud and rain for a few days and this thing will still be cleaner than your drug test.

SIZES and Cares!