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Party Shirt International IS HIRING! NOW HIRING! 

We are seeking a full time staffer to tackle a sales and marketing mountain. This job will be both fun and demanding. It will require brute mental fortitude, astronaut focus, and the shakeweight strength to mix upwards of 10,000 margaritas.

About PSI: The brand launched in 2018 with the goal of making awesome shirts for people who wanted to wake up in the morning, shake off a thick layer of debris, button up their topper and go full ham skins on the day. Party Shirt International doesn't just make shirts and we certainly don't make aloha shirts. We make the original Stretch Tech Party Shirt. These shirts are good for whatever you want to do! Bike, ski, climb, adventure, grocery shop - anything. These shirts are the only shirt to wear when you’re wearing a shirt.  And guess what, it’s shirt season!

The position: This position is our favorite position. This job will be two fold: sales and marketing. You will essentially be doing both, all the time. Selling. Marketing. Sound good to you?? Perfect! 

  • Sales: The largest part of PSI’s success has been through sales!? Specifically, our brand partnerships. We currently work with breweries across the United States. We want to multiply that number of breweries by 10,000. Sounds like a joke. It’s not. You will help us do this. Similarly, ski, bike, and outdoor shops aplenty across the country have started buying PSI shirts to resell and you will become the point person for them. You will help them find out what they need, get their orders in, and help all those wheelers and dealers forecast for their shirt ordering pleasure. We have a sales rep agency that you will work with. Your expertise and industry knowledge will help blast us through the ozone. Climate change. 

  • Marketing: The above will involve a lot of marketing as it is. But this secondary piece of the puzzle will be more hands on, out in the world. Field marketing, the fun stuff. You will work to create a list of 10 events for the coming year that we want to have a PSI presence at. Think mountain bike festivals, closing day at the mountain, music festies, cocktail week.... You will become the face of the brand! You’ll need a driver’s license and an overnight bag. 

  • Other day to day tasks such as helping with customer service, spitballing ideas with the Founders, creating and sending digital marketing campaigns like IG, email, Facebook, and more (TikTok?). Lots of communicating! 

The candidate

We’re looking for someone who loves to play outside, get wild at the wedding party, and has a serious lust for getting Party Shirts on the backs of every man, woman, and child out there in this great and wild world. 

You should come with a working knowledge of sales. Marketing would be a plus. But more than anything you should be outgoing, well spoken, well written, and personable. You need to know how to use the Google and Apple suites. Word/ Microsoft does not exist as far as we know. Similarly we’d prefer it if you’re someone who uses Sheets to write your grocery lists. We need you organized like an unmedicated Rainman. You need to be really fucking good at taking iPhone pics. Better camera, cool too. Ten points. 

You live anywhere, but you get a leg up in this hiring process if you live in SLC or PDX. Your communication within PSI as well with customers must be fucking clairvoyant.

You are our first hire. This is a big deal. As we grow, you grow with us. In the future you will be running a team, planning vacations and retreats, and generally fucking around heavily. That’s our plan. For now, it’s a hustle. 

Pay: We cannot pay you. Just kidding. You will take on a base pay of $45,000. Other perks include a company expense card, shocking phone plans, flexible schedule, cool trips, unlimited PTO (we don’t give two fucks as long as you get you helps us grow this thing), and working with some real psychopaths. Salary will blast off like a rocket if you succeed after the first year. Promise. 

To apply please email with a cover letter, photos of you being rad (ig handle), and your resume with a couple references. That’s the only French word on here, you can thank us later. Maybe when we all go to Paris to suckle Aperol Spritz and watch Jack try and ski down some stairs.