Wholesale Sales Associate 

  • About The Position 
  • Party Shirt International is seeking a full-time, energetic, and experienced salesperson to join our team!

    As Wholesale Sales Associate, you will be responsible for assisting the Sales and Marketing teams with a variety of duties and functions essential to generating and increasing revenue. This will include but is not limited to, managing and growing wholesale, custom, and direct business, regularly communicating with accounts and customers, and driving new sales opportunities through events, community engagement, and brand partnerships.

    A successful Sales Associate will have strong relationship-building skills, a good understanding of the apparel and outdoor industry, strong attention to detail, and the ability to develop, articulate, and execute on successful sales plans.

    Our teams are currently based in Portland, OR, and Salt Lake City, UT. We are seeking someone in one of these two cities, but will make an exception for the right candidate. Ideally, you are someone who likes to travel, engage with customers and accounts alike, is self-motivated, and can take proactive initiative.
  • Duties and Responsibilities 
  • Wholesale Organization - You will be responsible for communicating with and between our existing sales reps, wholesale partners, customers, and producers. This will require an ongoing dialogue, management and tracking for each group.
  • Sales Planning - Develop and execute regional and city-by-city sales plans to match the company’s annual objectives. Maintain a current accounts target list to support continued and quality growth. Organize and facilitate regular check-ins and sales development meetings with established customers.
  • Forecasting and ordering - You will assist with the analysis of historical sales data and current trends to support sales plans and quarterly wholesale forecasting.
  • Communication - Support sales plan by effectively and professionally communicating with sales accounts via email, phone, and in person. Communicate about current and in progress sales with the internal team. Provide feedback about sales trends, opportunities, customer satisfaction, and recommendations to internal teams. Participate in monthly sales performance, forecast, and growth reviews.
  • Capabilities - You must be able to effectively use Quickbooks to invoice customers, track and communicate about customer account status’, evaluate sales data, and forecast. You must be proficient with Shopify to review inventories, manage products, and track DTC sales. You must be computer literate and able to track, maintain, and build on existing and new spreadsheets in the Google and Microsoft suites.
  • Events - PSI participates in a variety of bike events, ski events, and music events, etc, across the US. You will be responsible for planning and attending some of these events. While many events are focused on DTC sales, it is important that we create, grow, and support wholesale partnerships in unison and in important regions. For this, you can expect to drive, fly, lift heavy objects, work tirelessly, and to be a brand ambassador everywhere you go. 10/10. Events are always an excellent time.
  • The Candidate 
  • You should come with a comprehensive understanding of sales. Marketing and outdoor experience is a plus. But more than anything you should be outgoing, well spoken, well written, and incredibly personable in and out of the office. You need to know how to use the Google and Apple suites. Organization is essential to this role. Improving and developing procedures and processes to accurately track orders, progress, and maintain inventory, should feel second nature to you. You should have some experience with Quickbooks, Shopify, MailChimp, and social media platforms. You should have a driver's license and own an overnight bag.

    This position will require you to work with apparel brands, outdoor brands (bike, ski, raft, and outdoor related or adjacent brands), beer brands, music and entertainment brands, and more. You should have a knowledge of these industries but also be ready to expand our reach to other categories.

    You live anywhere, but you get a leg up in this hiring process if you live in Salt Lake City, UT or Portland, OR.
  • Pay: You will take on a base pay of $45,000/year with an additional 10% sales commission. Other perks include a company expense card, flexible schedules, amazing trips, PTO, and working with some real psychopaths. Salary will blast off like a rocket if you succeed after the first year!
  • To apply please email Flamingo@partyshirtinternational.com with a cover letter, and your resume or fill out the form below. That’s the only French word on here, you can thank us later.

  • About PSI
  • The brand launched in 2018 with the goal of making quality and fun active shirts that make people happy. We hope to inspire people to get excited, to get outside, to participate in the activities they love, and to have fun while doing it. Party Shirt International doesn't just make shirts and we certainly don't make aloha shirts. We make the original Stretch Tech Party Shirt. These shirts are good for whatever you love to do! Bike, ski, climb, barbecue, hit the library, or the dentist chair. Since our founding we have made sure to give a shirt or two about the places we live and the people in each of our communities. We are proud to be members of 1% For The Planet and make sure to support social justice initiatives in our communities and abroad. These shirts are the only shirt to wear when you’re wearing a shirt. And guess what, It’s Shirt Season!