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Yamm Yamm: Stretch Tech

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There would have never been a great Potato famine had we just focused on the one true king of the Tuber family. I hate to say I told you so.. 

Flash forward. It's 2009. You're in America. Somewhere outside Dayton. It's thanksgiving and you're listening to your whole family argue. Divorce is on the horizon. People are screaming and whole plates of food and glassware begin to take flight. You reach for one more bite of toasted bird. A fistful of Smashed Yams™ catch you directly in the face. You can't see. Your eyes are closed. You open them. A camouflage world of yellows and oranges lays before you. Yamm World. Yamm Vision™. A magical world. Golden. Sunrise and sunset stretch out before you. You see your future. You are a millionaire. 


Unisex Button topper?! Sure. My parents are divorced. 


Want to clean this shirt?! Ever put a potato in a golfball cleaner. This works much the same way! 

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